Values-Based Recruitment

FACT Vs. Fiction (1)

“We, as Fraternity Women, stand for service through the development of character, inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.”-Panhellenic Creed, National Panhellenic Conference

The Panhellenic creed is just as relevant today as it was in 1925. Organizations strive to reach a high level of scholarship, sisterhood and service.

Students choose Samford because of it’s unique Christ-filled atmosphere that offers a small school feel with endless opportunities. Greek life is often a positive addition to the Samford experience because it reflects the outstanding values of the University.

The Samford Panhellenic Council is embracing values-based recruitment for Fall 2016. This new approach to is not meant to limit organizations but rather enhance what each chapter has to offer.

Panhellenic sororities give young women the chance to lead, build friendships, serve the community and engage in a distinctive type of sisterhood. Organizations at Samford also present the unique ability to grow in Christ with fellow sisters.

Values based sorority requirement allows organizations to better engage with Potential New Members (PNMs) through meaningful conversation. It will help Panhellenic sororities accurately portray expectations and benefits of membership to PNMs.

Samford Greek Life is more than just a house with letters on it- it is a transformational and uplifting environment for students.

“The society and the culture that we live in really often times promotes values that do not align with our Greek founding and do not align with the values we have here at Samford,” Director of Greek Life Julie Fletcher said. “It is important to “Rethink Greek” because our Samford students have the values that align with the founding of our Greek organizations.”

Samford University’s take on values-based recruitment will include changes in individual recruitment budgets, decoration allowances and time spent talking to PNMs. The modifications will enhance the experience for both individual sorority members and women seeking out an organization membership.


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